Lighting considerations

Lighting considerations

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The next time when you are out and about (whether you are visiting a café, bar or hotel) pay a little attention to the lighting within the establishment.

Light is one of the most important elements of décor and interior of any modern house. Its presence is necessary in any kind of building, be it an office or a home. Choosing a lampshade sounds easy enough, but the challenge is that lampshades have to go with two different things: the décor of the room, and the base of the lamp itself. Add to that the fact that there are so many to choose from when you walk into a lighting shop or browse home décor catalogues, and it’s hardly surprising that people might need a little help.

Equipping a home with the correct lighting can have a sizeable impact in determining the look and feel of a room. Picking the right shade is a lot like choosing the right jewellery – it has to fit the place and occasion. Whether you’re aiming for subtle elegance or eclectic and fun, lighting is one of the simplest ways to make a statement in your home. Our range is both functional and stylish.

Lighting and illuminating tips

  • Place lamps around the outside of a room on tables and shelves so that they radiate light towards the centre of the room for a cosy effect. From a visual perspective, it is better that all corners of a room are equally lit.
  • A pair of lamps will add symmetry and be pleasing to the eye. Place lamps at either end of a sofa, console or hall table, chest or bedside tables or drawers. If you don’t like a matchy-matchy look, use different lamp bases but make sure the shades are at around the same height.
  • Task lighting should be bright enough and directed appropriately for your task, whether it’s reading, writing or painting your nails. If you’re using a desk lamp, position it on your left if you’re right handed and vice versa, so that you don’t cast shadow on your own work.
  • Position lamps so that you are not looking into the less glamorous hardware on the inside. This means making sure the bottom of the lamp shades near sofas or chairs are at about ear height when you’re sitting down.
  • Ambient lighting from table lamps or floor lamps doesn’t need to be so bright. Never use a higher wattage bulb than what is recommended for the lamp. This can be dangerous, not to mention bright. 

Key considerations

  • Does the colour of your chosen shade match or compliment the timber lamp base?
  • If your lamp shade is near a window, please be aware your lamp shade image can be impacted by the ‘fading’ effects of ultra-violet (UV) light.
  • What size table lamp should I use? Although table lamps on either side of a sofa or bedside need not be identical, they should have the same “visual” weight and height. The correct height for a table lamp is determined by the chair/sofa and the height of the table beside it. To avoid glare, the lamp should be tall enough for the bottom of its lampshade to reach the eye level of the person seated next to it.
  • What are the key sources of light in a room and what exactly is ‘layered lighting?’ Table lamps provide a warmth and intimacy unmatched by overhead fixtures. As most apartment and homes have some overhead lighting table lamps can be layered in for task lighting or mood lighting.
  • Most common household fixtures have pin bases or Edison (“screw-in”) bases. You’ll need to make sure you get the right bulb that fits the base of your fixture. All Lamparto table lamps and floor lamps use an E14 or E27 fitting.

… and finally

We are a small family run social enterprise that seeks to create a unique lighting option and solution for your home, office, shop, foyer or reception area. Essentially, we’re here to help. We know how hard it is to find a unique lighting solution to transform a space into welcoming environment. Let us help you with our handcrafted range of table lamps, floor lamps and pendants. We’ll try our best to ensure that our products provide the best quality light, as our lamp shade images bring the natural world into your house or workplace. Our social enterprise model and motivation seeks to shine a light in communities beyond our borders.

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