Choosing a Lamp shade

Choosing a Lamp shade

If you are purchasing a timber table lamp or floor lamp, please consider the colour, features and theme of the image you have chosen and how this will compliment, support, detract from or enhance the timber type you have selected. As a general rule, a darker lampshade will go better with a lamp base that features more 'chocolatey' overtones. However, at the end of the day, personal choice is a wonderful thing, and we trust you are content with your selection.

A new lamp shade is a quick and easy way to update your décor and enhance the look and feel of your room. Whether you are merely replacing a table or floor lamp shade or adding new shade, it’s amazing what a stylish lamp shade can do to change a look. A well positioned table lamp can create a soft and gentle pool of illumination in a corner of your room at home or your place of work. It can change an uninviting space to one of warmth and intimacy at the flick of a switch. Within the living spaces, table lamps are great for reading without shining light on the rest of the room.

Most rooms in your house will have ceiling lights so that you can illuminate the whole space. However, for creating a welcoming environment, ceiling lights can sometimes be a little too stark. That's why it's a good idea to have a variety of different lighting options in your home. Wall lights and floor lamps are a good idea for changing the angle of light and highlighting different areas. Table lamps are also great for shedding light on concentrated areas and for seeing what you're doing for specific tasks, without turning on the main light.

In the bedroom, bedside lamps are ideal for reading and for lighting the space when you get up in the night or when it's still dark in the mornings. Our contemporary lamp shade selection with a ‘scene switch’ globe allows you to adjust the intensity of the light easily.

“Cast light with a floor lamp in your living space to usher in a welcoming tone”

Choosing a lamp base

Our decorative range of hand crafted lamp bases feature carefully selected timber.

We’re passionately dedicated to investing time, energy and creative thought into our range and we strive each day to produce considered designs whilst upholding a responsibility to work with the most environmentally and socially responsible methods available. We know our ‘chain of custody’ (ie. the process by which the source of a timber product is verified. This entails 'tracking' the timber from the forest through all the steps of the production process until it reaches the end user). Although the volume end of the residential furniture market has been decimated by imports, we are passionate about tracking forest-based products from sustainable sources to the final lamp base reaching the consumer.

Our handcrafted timber lamps can adapt to any interior, giving just the right accent of homely comfort. The table lamps are wired, ready to go and conform to Australian safety standards. As our timber lamp bases are individually handcrafted, and as every piece of timber is unique no two lamp bases are exactly the same.

How to measure a lampshade

All our lampshades are measured in inches and are listed in the same format: Top … Bottom … Height

  • T = Top diameter
  • B = Bottom diameter
  • H = Height (slant height, not vertical height)

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